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Solar Buddy & Spark of Hope

We at Spark of Hope are beyond excited to let you know we have partnered up with SolarBuddy and are now providing the children of West Africa the gift of light helping them study after dusk and improve their education outcomes. To find out more about Solar Buddy please visit www.solarbuddy.org

Supporting Orphanages

We are currently working with orphanages in rural Africa where our experienced staff works hand-in-hand with orphanages to evaluate their needs, develop meaningful operational and financial plans, and put those plans into practice, with the appropriate levels of funding, training & management, ongoing assessment, and love & care.

Sponsor a Fishing Boat

"Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you will feed him for life."

We have taken this quote literally and with your support are providing locals with fishing boats enabling them to feed themselves as well as earn a living and boost the economy up.

Building Water Wells

Would you like to fund a water well named in memory of a loved on? At Spark of Hope we organise solar powered water wells to be installed all over the country with the option of having the well named after a loved one or the local village hero. It’s a lot cheaper than you can imagine. Contact us today to find out more about the cost and information.

Helping in Education 

We run a program which aims to increase basic computer skills and encourage computer education for the children and students in the city and in the rural areas. We train women to provide home-based health care to the rural population.

With the help of your donations of unwated laptops and computers we are able to supply these to local schools helping the edcation system in Africa.

Assisting in Healthcare and equipping Hospitals

Our founder, Brahima Konare loading up the van with essentials purchased with your donations for local villages, schools and medical centres. Our goal is to open a medical centre for homeless street children, providing them with free medical care.

The gift of mobility

Amadou is a  14 year old boy from Senegal whose dream was to be able to move around without crawling. After finding out about his condition, Spark of Hope sponsored a wheelchair for him, within 48 hours.

'Christmas for the forgotten' annual campaign. 

Every year at Spark of Hope, we appeal to the public to make a donation enabling us to feed and clothe hundreds of innocent children living on the streets begging for a living to get by.

Mohammed the boy with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy disorders that affect balance, movement, and muscle tone. “Cerebral” means the disorder is related to the brain, and “palsy” refers to weakness or a muscle problem.

Cerebral Palsy starts in the area of the brainthat controls the ability to move muscles. Cerebral palsy can happen when that part of the brain doesn’t develop as it should, or when it is damaged right around the time of birth or very early in life.

With the help of your donations we were able to change his life by providing him with a wheelchair adapted to his condition and have his teeth fixed by a Dentist. 

Christmas for the forgotten 2016

This was the first year of our annual campaign for our 'Christmas for the forgotten' appeal. With your help this has been a total sucess and  a annual project we urge to continue. 

Stefan Avanzato, London's top Barber, join's us in West Africa.

We have had the privilege to have london's top barber, Stefan Avanzato join us in West Africa, where he taught the local youth how to cut hair and provide them with everything a top barber requires. The young men are absoulutely grateful to have learned a trade from someone like Stefan and be able to make a living forthemselves and their families. 

A gift of spark for the vision impaired.

We support and carry out dozens of eye examinations and refer people for treatment to prevent blindness and restore their sight. We accept donations of glasses which are checked by our eye experts and allocated accordingly. 




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